I look forward to helping like-minded people from all walks of life who share my passion for good architecture by delivering the most personal and best design.  


If you are a homeowner, I hope to help you conceive a tailor-made home that is uniquely yours.  


If you are a boutique property developer, I hope to help you create a trend-setting and sought-after apartment product, taking advantage of my ongoing interest in exploring and inventing innovative, lifestyle-related concept designs (paper architecture) for better apartment living.


If you are a hotel owner and operator, I hope to help you create a character hotel with a wow factor that, together with customer service excellence, delivers a truly unforgettable experience and creates a distinctive brand identity even other hotels talk about.  


In the end, I hope that the public will equally benefit from our good architecture. 



Our long-term, intimate and collaborative client-architect relationship starts with you – working to define your budget and needs, and discover your problems, if any, followed by a collective research and brainstorming exercise to come up with ideas that you will love.  With the aid of sketches, and computer-generated and physical models, I will flex some creative muscles to put together and transform the best ideas into an innovative concept design alongside your active participation and guidance.  Once the concept design is frozen, it will be developed and refined in preparation for development application. 



After our design is approved by relevant authorities, a highly detailed and information-rich set of construction drawings and specifications is prepared to bring our design to life.  This is of paramount importance to help us find the best builder to realise our design.  During construction, if you have a very busy life, I can continue helping you as your independent advisor on contractual matters like variations, progress payments and when the project reaches practical completion.